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Bianca Ojukwu recounts true tales of Peter Obi’s stinginess

Admin l Thursday, June 16, 2022




LAGOS, Nigeria – Former beauty queen and widow of Biafra warlord,  Mrs. Bianca Ojukwu, has  provided more insights into the stingy nature of the Presidential candidate of Labour Party, Mr. Peter Obi.

The former beauty queen gave the explanation following a trending video of Catholic priest and Spiritual Director of  the Adoration Ministry Enugu, Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka, who has described Peter Obi as a stingy man for refusing to donate money for frivolity.

Father Mbaka had during the 2019 general election prevailed on Peter Obi to make donations. But without refusal, the LP candidate had requested  the man of god to furnish him with details of the project to  be executed to enable him make the needed donation.

Father Mbaka did not furnish him details but went ahead in a video on Wednesday to proclaim that that Nigerians are hungry and therefore not in need of stingy President.  The reverend father had received a bashing on the social media for this un-priestly utterance.

But giving an insight into the personality of Peter Obi, Bianca, who was very close to him during the period he was governor of Anambra State said on her facebook page.

“On Peter Obi’s supposed ‘Stinginess”… she  recalled when Obi, then, a governor of Anambra State, visited Texas and had refused to buy a designer suit for an event but opted for a $220 suit.


“The suit that was a perfect match for him was a dapper Tom Ford suit with a price tag of 3,985 dollars plus tax. He did the calculations and told me ‘Do you know how many students this amount of money can train in Nigeria?

“To cut the story short, he refused to pay what he termed ’that outrageous price’  for the Tom Ford suit and that was how we ended up at Steinmart where he agreed to pay a more acceptable price of 220 dollars, tax inclusive, for a basic men’s suit which he was happy to wear to that evening’s event.

“What struck me, was that as we were on the way to the airport to see him off for his return flight back to Nigeria, he reached for his pocket where he brought out an envelope of crisp hundred dollar bills. The amount in the envelope was 3,800 dollars.

“He said ‘Anyanwu, this is the balance of the money I would have paid for the ‘Ford’ suit. If the label on the suit was ‘Peter Obi’, I am wondering if anybody in America will pay that amount for it. I have deducted the amount we paid for that suit we eventually bought. Please use this balance for your Charity foundation to help those in actual need. I trust you will do so’. We all laughed heartily”, she said  of Peter Obi, the man Nigerians are currently rooting for rescue Nigeria from precipice.



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