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NFF Blasts Sani Lulu over Letter to President Goodluck Jonathan


Sani Lulu
Sani Lulu
The Nigeria Football Federation has blasted immediate past NFF President, Sani Lulu Abdullahi, for his latest letter to President Goodluck Jonathan (GCFR) which among other claims, wrongly equated his pardon by the present administration to acquittal from offences for which he was impeached from office.


Reacting to Lulu’s latest tantrums in Sao Paulo, Brazil where the Super Eagles are doing the nation proud and have qualified for the FIFA World Cup’s Round of 16 for the first time in 16 years, Chairman of the NFF Media and Publicity Committee, High Chief Emeka Inyama lambasted Lulu, saying that the latter’s letter to President Goodluck Jonathan (GCFR) amounts to disrespect for the Office of the President of Nigeria. “That Lulu, who disrespected everybody while in office including Mr. President can now come to write an unnecessary letter of appeal, is ridiculous.


“Lulu’s ill –timed letter is clearly in bad faith, clear misrepresentation of facts and loaded with mischief. It is the Executive Committee of NFF that impeached him when he committed impeachable offences, and this was endorsed by the Congress. How can he now drag the exalted name of President of Nigeria into an association football matter? Occupying the office of President of NFF is not a do-or-die affair and Lulu should consign himself to history as a former NFF President.”

Stating that Lulu Abdullahi’s latest salvo against the present NFF has come at a very inauspicious time, Inyama posited that the action goes to underscore that Lulu does not mean well for Nigeria football and has embarked on an inglorious pull-down campaign.

“Instead of showing abiding patriotism by joining other Nigerians to give support to the team that is doing well at the FIFA World Cup in Brazil, he has chosen to cause very unnecessary distraction of blackmail proportions. It is a big shame.”

Inyama asked Lulu to declare if he forgot anything in the Glass House, insisting that Maigari, who celebrated his birthday on Wednesday as the Super Eagles picked a Round of 16 ticket at the World Cup, deserved to be celebrated. “Instead, Lulu is going about deceiving himself. The truth is that a pardon does not equate to innocence. It was done in the spirit of reconciliation to move Nigeria football forward.

“It is an incorrect position for Lulu to assume that because he was magnanimously granted pardon by this well –meaning Board, he was innocent of all charges against him. That is outright self –deception. Pardon does not mean acquittal. As clearly captured in the communiqué of the meeting of the NFF General Assembly in Uyo on December 29, 2010, the pardon was a mere action ‘in the spirit of reconciliation,’ and does not mean the persons concerned were not guilty of the stated offences that led to their impeachment.

“When Lulu goes about reeling out what he calls the achievements of his Board, it pales into insignificance compared to Maigari’s legacy achievements. Maigari’s ascension to power is God –ordained and there is nothing Lulu can do about it.”


Inyama poopoohed Lulu’s continued obsession with the fallacy of having left the sum of N2.8 Billion in the coffers of the NFF at the time of his impeachment.

“We did not meet any N2.8 Billion when we assumed office. Perhaps, he kept the money somewhere outside the NFF. He has been talking so loud about this imagined N2.8 Billion but we challenge him to come out to the public space with the facts.

“We only meant well for his political future and that of his lieutenants by vacating the impeachment, and it is inglorious for him to try and use that against the present Board.”

The CAF Media Committee member sneezed at Lulu’s call for the removal of Maigari as NFF President. “The Congress of NFF elected Alhaji Aminu Maigari as President through due process, and is set to endorse him for another term as a result of his marvelous achievements. Lulu’s campaign has failed.”

The Chairman of the Media Committee called on Lulu to wake up to the reality of having been booted out of office through due process as far back as four years ago, and accept his faith with dignity.

“It is amazing that Lulu has failed to embrace reality. The present administration meant well for him but he has consistently shown a terrible attitude. Our concentration is on the FIFA World Cup finals where our boys are doing well, much better than they did in South Africa four years ago.”


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