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Re-Buhari, Tinubu Presidential Ticket will Fail APC in 2015 – Chief Eddie Ugbomah


APC Publicity secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed
APC Publicity secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed
On comments made & dated 15 Feb 2014, and Published by Starconnect Media


At the first instance, I thought I was reading a fair comment from a responsible Nigerian trying to air his views and add his own contributions to the political discussions and developments happening in the Nigerian polity.


But it did not take me much longer to know and determine the caliber of who the writer, the so called Chief Eddie Ugbomah is; who I could only describe as a nincompoop.

In fact I am angry and I cannot stand by any longer, as there was no response from any part of the country, especially from among the progressives, given to the silly comment made by a stupid foolish person called Chief Eddie Ugbomah about Chief Jerimiah Obafemi Awolowo. And worst of all, the insinuation that Alhaji Lai Muhammed, the Interim National Publicity Secretary of All Progressives Congress (APC) should be “beaten up mercilessly” simply for speaking his mind on national issues. However, I hope it is not too late to respond to your uncivilised comments.

Well; Chief Eddie Ugbomah, in your proclivity for issuing cantankerous press statements that are capable of destabilizing Nigeria, you should be made to understand that, facts are sacred and cannot be manipulated even by your low thinking ability, as you have plumbed the depth of irresponsibility with your speech you should therefore, be prepared to face the consequences of your senselessness.

Honestly speaking, I have no objection to your comments about General Muhammadu Buhari and Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu, running for the Presidential and Vice Presidential office respectively in 2015 on behalf of All Progressives Congress (APC). But where from you got your information, no one knows. I would like to assume that you are just expressing you views; but it would have been a sensible idea could you have at least referred to the idea as a rumor or speculation since you cannot substantiate the statement with any evidence; because both General Muhammadu Buhari and Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu have not shown any interest or made any statement regarding the two positions as you referred to. And if they did, as Nigerians, they are acting within their constitutional right as Nigerians.

Furthermore, it would be advisable to heed this warning because it looks ludicrous and preposterous to insinuate that Nigerians should beat up a fellow Nigerian mercilessly, i.e. the image maker and the Interim National Publicity Secretary of APC, Alhaji Lai Mohammed simply performing his constitutional and political obligations. Describing him as a politician that failed in Ilorin and returned to Lagos to sing Tinubu’s praises for his breakfast and lunch. Now that you have also resorted to looking for someone to sing praises, so as to provide your lunch and breakfast, and also want to be relevant politically, the PDP could also provide your breakfast and lunch as you resort to behaving like uncivilized and uncultured human being.

On that statement, since you believe beating up someone is the best way forward, I am saying it emphatically that you are hundred years behind civilization, and it’s you that should be watchful of your steps and movements anywhere you go to for inciting people against one another person for speaking his mind on national issues that affects us all. If you have no idea about issues and way of solving them, you better shut your dirty putrid mouth.

Referring to your statement that politics should exclude issues relating to budget and ministerial nominees. That simply reveals to me the level of your thinking and the extent of your incompetence and exposure to politics.

I would like you to understand that, a good and dedicated politician should have the antidotes for every arm of governmental administrations, and that is who Alhaji Lai Mohammed is. I wonder in this present world, that places greater emphasis on political correctness, whether you Chief Eddie Ugbomah expected someone of Alhaji Lai Mohammed’s political status, who sees much of the daunting challenges facing Nigeria today, that includes poor infrastructure, weak government institutions and structures resulting from economic and political mis-governance, mindless and cancerous corruption, ethnicity, self-service, politics of intolerance, and a lack of commitment to national ideals; should fold his hands and look the other way as if nothing happens. You must be out of your mind. By the way, should that warrant your call for Lai Mohammed to be beaten up mercilessly?

In my view, I think it is uniquely evil and uniquely dangerous, and any politician who practice such behaviour would be doing untold injustice to our people, folding their hands and allow executive lawlessness to permeate our polity.
Your silliness knows no bounds, you further refer to the JEWEL of Nigeria Politics, Chief Jeremiah Obafemi Awolowo’s ideas as a “stupid idea” for wanting to be the President of Nigeria. The man every Nigerian and the whole world refers to as “The best President Nigeria never had.” This was also the statement made by the late Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu (rtd) (May his sole rest in perfect peace) when Chief Obafemi Awolowo’s death was announced. What unintelligent statement from a senseless creature of a human being? If you did not partake or enjoy of his (Awolowo) brilliant and excellent programmes in the fifties, whose fault was that? But if you were born and brought up in the western region, you would be one of the beneficiaries of his educational programmes.

Further investigation about you reveals that you were born 1941 and you are from the Eastern Part of Nigeria where free education was first introduced by the amiable political leader, Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe but didn’t work. Be that as it may, you must have somehow enjoyed some of Awolowo’s programmes directly or indirectly. The introduction of the Television Station (first in Africa) was one of the facilities out of his numerous programmes in Nigeria.

Whatever your achievement today, Chief Awolowo’s programmes during his era as the Premier of the old Western Region made you. His programmes were regarded as the gate way to most family’s successes and liberation from darkness to brighter future with reference to the developmental advancement socially, politically and economically. How dare you refer to Awolowo the way you did. You have definitely hit the wrong button and therefore, you should face the consequences of your stupidity.

Please, you should stop making comment that could further cause trouble in the country. I say this because of your references to Buhari and Tinubu as “Leftovers” and your further comments that “the mistakes that the late Premier of the Western Region, Chief Obafemi Awolowo made by offering to mortgage the South West in the interest of the North”. And also referring to the Fulani’s as “Non-Nigerian.” These are appalling comments that could destabilize the whole country.


I think I should lecture you on the position of the erudite politician. This is the man who once said “Duty To Nigeria: is a duty that we owe to our great dear motherland: To enhance her and to boost her in the eyes of all the world – Egalitarianism is our national watchword; Equality of good fortune, must be to each sure reward, Liberty and Brotherhood are the goals for which we’ll strive: Plus progress, plus plenty and all the good things of life. Up! Up!! Nigeria!!! And take thy rightful place, is thy birth right and thy destiny; Afric’s leading Light to be”.

He further made a statement before the civil war that “If the Eastern Region is allowed by Acts of Omission or Commission to secede from or opt out of Nigeria, Then the Western Region and Lagos must also stay out of the Federation”

Chief Awolowo dedicated his entire life to the succession and progression of Nigeria nation, when he said “There was never a time I regarded myself having monopoly of ideas; the trouble is that, when some men and women in position of rulership and leadership are carousing themselves in the streets and pubs with men and women of less virtues; I, like every other persons, always busy at our duty posts, looking at the country’s problems and ways of solving them. Only the deep, can call to the deep.” This is the man you call stupid?

So, my dear Chief of rat and cockroaches, (because chieftancy title is meant for responsible people); rather than put the blame on colonial master (The British) and the unstructured partitioning of Nigeria from which emerged a number of poor and fragile states/regions, you are now putting the blame on Chief Awolowo who once said that “there is no escaping the fact that much of Nigeria woes have been either self-inflicted or self-perpetuated and believe that the Nigeria’s regeneration must be championed by every Nigerians. “No one from outside the country is coming to face up to our developmental challenges on our behalf. We must evolve a crop of focused, committed, service-oriented, and God-fearing leaders imbued with the requisite courage, focus, dedication, clear vision, and patriotism to drive the country’s transformation”.

Those were the thoughts the great sage (Awolowo) was advocating for Nigeria. And during any elections to the office of the President of the federation, if you must know, every presidential candidate is duty bound to canvas for votes outside their political base or region so as to have a geographical spread and acceptance throughout the federation which is regarded as a constituency.

If that is what you refer to as offering to mortgage the South West in the interest of the North for taking his campaign to the north? Your historical knowledge about Nigeria you call your country, is so shallow and you need to go back to school to learn again as an adult student, because nothing in the world is more dangerous than ignorance and stupidity.

So Ugbomah; be more careful with your words, because these are comments that could spark trouble and lead to riots in addition to the killing, maiming and all the insecurity to life and property the citizenry are presently going through. Please and please, be advised that, although a tongue has no bones, but it is strong enough to break a heart and or cause crisis.

With your level of thinking and your unguarded utterances, I wonder how you became the chairman of Nigeria Film Corporation (NFC) in the first instance. That position is meant for people with integrity coupled with high I.Q. I am sure you came to occupy that position through the back door or stab someone in the back to obtain the position. You don’t merit the office in all indication.

Your utterances sound shallow; because you also said in another interview that DStv is ripping-off filmmakers, therefore, the Federal Government should kick them out of Nigeria. Is chopping off the head the best treatment to curing headaches, if I may ask? That is the most ridiculous advice I have ever heard from a living being. For whatever reason, that should not be an option. Do you think of the outcome such drastic measure would have on unemployment? What about those employed by the organisation, how would they cater for their families?

To succinctly put it, please control your cantankerous statements before the political brickbats start flying from both sides of the country, because a reply to this warnings would definitely open more attack on you.

Prince Adebisi Olukoga
Prince Adebisi Olukoga
Prince Adebisi Olukoga


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