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Uduaghan Praises Olejeme for Governorship Ambition

Ngozi Olejeme
Ngozi Olejeme
The Director General of the U&I Foundation, Mr. Emmanuel Oritsejolomi Uduaghan on Sunday praised the Chairman, Nigerian Social Insurance Trust Fund, Dr. Ngozi Olejeme for her consistent leadership and her pivotal role in the social and economic development of the nation.


“Her leadership style gives us confidence that the poor will find protection and dignity” he said.


Uduaghan who gave a lecture on “Leadership and the Future of Delta State” in Warri, urged Deltans at home and abroad to assess Olejeme based on her antecedents and track record.

“Commending Olejeme for her accomplishments in the area of industrial relations, particularly her contributions to the labour administration process in the country, Uduaghan said Olejeme would uphold the values of communal harmony that make Delta State a unique model for us all.

“`She will drive productivity and growth, raise the standard of living in the state and improve the lot of everyone. I am sure that with her impeccable credentials, she will lead the state to the next level”

He applauded Olejeme for her passionate and altruistic concern for the less fortunate members of society

“I extend full support to Olejeme and looks forward to her leadership in the state come 2015”.


He also praised the current governor of the state for his honesty in the management of state funds as well as his inclusive strategy, which he said opened a path to the unity of the people despite the language and political differences.

“When i look at the scorecard of Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan , what readily comes to mind is how he has performed. The administration’s programmes are felt in the three senatorial districts. Delta is one of the few states where salaries are paid regularly. The traditional institution has received a boost and respect under the administration. Uduaghan has relentlessly pursued a vigorous policy for provision of social facilities and infrastructure. The administration has done a lot in the areas of roads development. On the education turf, Uduaghan has reminded people of the state that investment in that sector is the only way to control and stem the tide of youth restiveness. The government has given scholarship to thousands to enable them further their education in various schools within and outside the country. The government has arrested the drift in the education sector through provision of necessary learning aids, including books, laboratory equipment, computers and internet services. The government has renovated many schools in the rural and urban areas. Uduaghan has made modest development in terms of health sector delivery to the people. All the general hospitals have been rehabilitated. The out of stock syndrome, which had crippled hospitals efficiency in other states, has already been confined to the dustbins. Drugs are constantly purchased and distributed to hospitals and other health institutions in the state.

“There is state presence in all the communities. Uduaghan is a caring governor. He believes in merit and places top priority on the welfare of the people”

Mr. Oritsejolomi Uduaghan, a cousin to the governor of the state also spoke on the governor’s senatorial ambition and the importance of continuity.

“His Excellency will be in the senate in 2015 while Dr. Olejeme will be in charge of Delta State Government House, Asaba. She will maintain and sustain continuity in good governance. She will continue with the three point agenda namely; human capital development, infrastructural development and security” he added.


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