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Buhari, Tinubu Presidential Tick Will Fail APC in 2015, Says Chief Eddie Ugbomah

Why Nigerians Must Beat Up Lai Mohammed

former chairman, Nigerian Film Corporation, Chief Eddie Ugbomah
former chairman, Nigerian Film Corporation, Chief Eddie Ugbomah

Former Chairman Nigerian Film Corporation (NFC), Chief Eddie Ugbomah has described leaders of the All Progressive Congress (APC), General Muhammadu Buhari and Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu as leftovers that would fail the party in 2015 general elections if they were fielded as presidential and vice presidential candidate of the party.


Ugbomah who spoke in his Ilogbo resident in Badagry, Lagos said that Buhari has tried about four or five times without success to be president of Nigeria but that he will always fail.


He added that the former Governor of Lagos State, is however repeating the mistakes that the late Premier of the Western Region, Chief Obafemi Awolowo made by offering to mortgage the South West in the interest of the North.

“Look at Jonathan; look at how they are trying to blackmail him, ever since they say they are defecting and defecting, and look at the stupidity of Awolowo, Tinubu is going all over and repeating it, selling the entire South West to the Northerners.
Tinubu can never be and will never be a President. If you are talking about Fashola, yes he is young enough and could be accepted as President, we have seen his track record in Lagos state. If they talk about Ribadu, yes, Ribadu and Fashola and people will listen. You don’t take Tinubu two left overs with Buhari and field them as President. Buhari has tried almost five times or four and he has failed and will continue to fail”, he said.

Still speaking on the candidacy of Buhari and the amalgamation of 1914, Ugbomah explained that the Fulani’s are not Nigerians but exiles lorded on the very buoyant and educated South by Lord Lugard so as to precipitate crisis.

“They want us to live together because they want to keep us in crisis all the time. They made sure that Nigeria is ruled by popularity that is the divide of Benue River, and River Niger. They know that the South is highly educated and financially buoyant but they felt that we should be ruled by the interlopers, usurpers but the true story is that the Fulanis are not from Nigeria, they came in from a place called Daura in Katsina State”, he said.

He said it is sad for a party like All Progressive Congress(APC) that claimed to be progressive to call on lawmakers to block 2014 budget and nominees for service chiefs and ministers. For him, politics should exclude issues relating to budget and ministerial nominees that concerned the welfare of Nigerians.


For doing that he is calling on Nigerians to beat up the image maker of the APC, Alhaji Lai Mohammed whom he described as a politician that failed in Ilorin and returned to Lagos so sing Tinubu’s praises for his breakfast and lunch.

“He was chief of staff to Tinubu here in Lagos but he picked form to be governor but he failed woefully in his home town in Ilorin, then he ran back to Tinubu. Look at his mate like Mimiko and Aregbesola they are all from Lagos and they are doing well in their state. So Lai is a praise singer for his launch and breakfast. So you should pity him, look at his latest stupidity, that they should not pass the budget. Nigerians should get up and beat the hell out of him, you want to play politics with the country, they should go and beat him up mercilessly”, he said.

The former chairman carpeted the President’s advisers for not going beyond exchanging words with the image maker of the APC to publicize what the President has done to merit a second term ticket.

He is attributing seeming confusion in the polity to insincere advisers surrounding the president that are not interested in telling President Jonathan the truth.
By Emmanuel Thomas


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